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Do you have access to adequate broadband at a fair price? Does your internet provider meet the long-term goals of the FCC for internet speeds of at least 100 megabits download and at least 50 megabits upload?

Let us know by clicking the button below to conduct a free test.

We love our space in South Jersey, and now we don’t have to sacrifice Internet access.

Take our speed test today!

Note the following points for a successful speed test:

  • Use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone that’s physically or wirelessly connected to your home network
  • Ensure the strongest possible signal, if using WiFi
  • The test will not record data if you are just connected via a cellular connection.

We’ll use your test results to map service levels across the county and show where infrastructure builds are needed.

As for our progress…

January 2022
  • We’re making our speed test available to residents and businesses of Cumberland County! We’ll use the results of these speed tests to generate maps which will help plan critical infrastructure. Check back regularly for updates.